Monday, 1 October 2007

Satori Machine

abolition...synaptic renegade...encoder magic engendering a return to...your own static perception promises near invisible, wavering programmes of temporality to wash away your tears...dreaming eyes perpetually

beneath endless reinvention
cascading trumpets and non-linear virus circuitry diseases...joining ovular carnage...immersion within bleeding mushroom sex...gifted the other half with the possibility of separation and thus autonomy...divine sensory catastrophe promises to star in my life with equal measure

folded your past like recombinant cells draining all logic chained to scenes of infection

we'll start with the aliens and roll deep...beyond blood

whorls of suicide data vibrate naked sleep...earthen ashes...semen hours thrown behind dealings painting a burn-mark...subtle exhumed ideas...grace steeling the microbes against way back when implosions

mutant insanity lubricant for two, please


cocaine jesus said...

as good as it can get. fabulous.

Robert said...

thanks, CJ!

this is an oldy that i was rereading cuz it got accepted for publication somewhere else online...

and i just thought how perfect it would be for Discharge